Tela’s Top 6 Tips for Saving Petrol

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There are lots of things that you can do that will affect the amount of fuel your car uses while you are out on the road. If you want to save some money and use your fuel more efficiently here are our top 6 tips….

1- Take care of your tires

 Taking good care of your tires is a good idea if you want to save fuel. Check your tire pressure on a regular basis, particularly before you go on a long road journey out of town. Being inflated correctly can improve fuel consumption by up to 2%. 

2- Cut the air-conditioning

It can be a tough thing to do on a dusty hot day but if you choose to switch the air conditioning off and open the window a bit instead then you will save some fuel. While driving at slow speeds, in particular, running the air con can use up a lot of fuel.

3- Drive Sensibly

This is one of the most effective ways to save fuel. when you break heavily and then accelerate heavily, then break heavily again! This style of driving uses a lot more fuel. Driving at a slow and steady speed you will use a lot less petrol. 20-25kms an hour is an efficient speed to travel at. If you are stuck in traffic, avoid accelerating to catch up with the car in front before breaking. Try to cruise along at a steady speed.

4- Keep your car well maintained

It is essential that you keep your car well maintained in order to use efficient amounts of fuel. Using the correct engine oil lubricant is also really important. You can check the oil you need to use by looking in your vehicle’s handbook. If your car is not serviced or the air filter is in bad condition, fuel consumption may be doubled. 

5- Reduce weight

The heavier your car is the more it will cost to run so If you are carrying a lot of unnecessary heavy things in your boot it will result in you using a lot more fuel. On short journeys, even half filling the tank with petrol can help. The weight you save on carrying petrol will help you save petrol. 

6- Make fewer trips

A cold car engine uses a lot more fuel for the first few kilometers, when you start out your journey, by planning ahead and combining your tasks that involve travelling around town into one single journey you will save some fuel and some cash.



Today’s Kampuchea Tela Co., Ltd. was initially founded in 1993 as Kandal Import & Export Company known as Kadimex. With the strong leadership of Oknha Chhun On, founder & Chairman / CEO, Kadimex saw a remarkable growth in matter of two (2) years and renamed the company to Kampuchea Tela in 1995 by focusing its core business on fuel distribution to meet the growing demand in the Kingdom. In 1996, a year after Kampuchea Tela’s incorporation, the company’s first oil storage terminal was commissioned in Phnom Penh, the Kingdom’s capital city.

In 2004, the company built its second storage terminal in Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s major port and harbor city, enabling Kampuchea Tela to supply fuels both to industries and end consumers through its extensive distribution network in the country. Today, Kampuchea Tela is Cambodia’s one of the leading Oil & Gas companies, with 1,899 retail outlets and service stations throughout the Kingdom and still growing with substantial renovation and expansion plans in hand.