As a thriving company contributing not only to the oil & gas industry but also to the overall economic development of the Kingdom, Kampuchea Tela Co., Ltd is committed to securing the most competent, motivated and risk-taking talents in various fields.

Please consider the following and join Kampuchea Tela Co., Ltd, an innovative industry leader, and position yourself for greater future success:

  • Kampuchea Tela is an equal opportunity employer
  • Kampuchea Tela is an employer that supports its employees to achieve their full potential
  • Kampuchea Tela is an employer with an open and flexible policy for promotion, advancement and education
  • Kampuchea Tela is an employer that does not hesitate to reward the employees who demonstrate efforts and initiative that lead to the company’s potential success
  • Kampuchea Tela is an employer that emphasizes respect, integrity, transparency and fairness for its employees

Consider joining an innovative industry leader and position yourself for future success.

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