Tela Adding 100 Trucks to Its Logistics Fleet

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Kampuchea Tela Co., Ltd, Cambodia’s biggest distributor of petroleum and gas, is adding 100 more trucks to its current transportation fleet of 500 trucks this month.

“Together with the steady annual economic growth of 6 to 7% in Cambodia, the demand for petroleum and petroleum products in the Kingdom is also increasing at a fast rate and it prompted us to increase our logistics capacity by 20% this year,” says Oknha Chhun On, Tela’s founder & Chairman/CEO.

The newly added trucks of 100 units with volume capacity of 32,000 Liters each are part of the company’s bold expansion and investment plans to become a dominant player in oil & gas sector not only in the Kingdom but also in the region of South East Asia in the coming years.

On the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary in January this year, Oknha Chhun On has disclosed his vision of increasing the company’s market share to 65% from its current 40% by further winning the consumer market in Cambodia.

“As volatile and competitive as the oil & gas industry is today, we can no longer rely our success on organic growth only but on sound marketing strategies by strengthening brand value and brand equity,” emphasizes Oknha Chhun On.

To achieve the company’s goal and sustain as the brand leader in the market, the top management of the company, according to Oknha Chhun On, is in the process of building a stronger corporate image through vigorous marketing approaches today.



Today’s Kampuchea Tela Co., Ltd. was initially founded in 1993 as Kandal Import & Export Company known as Kadimex. With the strong leadership of Oknha Chhun On, founder & Chairman / CEO, Kadimex saw a remarkable growth in matter of two (2) years and renamed the company to Kampuchea Tela in 1995 by focusing its core business on fuel distribution to meet the growing demand in the Kingdom. In 1996, a year after Kampuchea Tela’s incorporation, the company’s first oil storage terminal was commissioned in Phnom Penh, the Kingdom’s capital city.

In 2004, the company built its second storage terminal in Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s major port and harbor city, enabling Kampuchea Tela to supply fuels both to industries and end consumers through its extensive distribution network in the country. Today, Kampuchea Tela is Cambodia’s one of the leading Oil & Gas companies, with 1,899 retail outlets and service stations throughout the Kingdom and still growing with substantial renovation and expansion plans in hand.