How to Maintain Your Moto

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Keeping your moto (motorbike) well maintained is pretty important.  Good maintenance will help you to keep your moto running and performing better, it will also help protect the value and will save you fuel and money in the long term. If you take very good care of your moto, with a bit of luck it should last a long time without any major problems.

It is quite easy to do the basic things yourself once you know how. Here is some of Kampuchea Tela’s top tips for moto maintenance.

1- Check your engine oil.

We need engine oil to lubricate our gears and engine. If you do not look after this issue you can damage your moto engine and will prevent smooth running. Your moto user manual should advise you on the type of lubricant to use, there are many different types and you will need to use the correct type. Your manual should also tell you how often you should change your oil, it is always better to change your oil earlier rather than later. As well as changing the oil you should also check for any possible oil leakages.

2- Check your tire pressure

Another really important task is to check your tires have the correct amount of air. Correct pressure will help to keep your ride smooth and will also help to reduce the amount of fuel you use, saving you money. It is a good idea to check the pressure both before and after a long journey and should certainly be done at least every week or two.

3- Check your tire condition

Also on the subject of the tires, check the condition. It is dangerous to allow your tires tread to get worn down because, without adequate tread, your tires will not grip to the road so well. When you change one tire, it is generally recommended to change them both at the same time as a set.

4- Replace the air filter

The air filter is what stops the dust getting inside your moto engine. If it gets dirty and clogged up it will affect the running of your engine, damage your bike and cost you more money in the end. You need to check and change this when necessary.

5- Service the engine regularly

How often you get your moto serviced depends on what kind of bike you have and how you use it, how often and on what kind of roads you are riding on (dirt tracks in the countryside or city roads?). It’s a good idea to get your engine serviced regularly and get it tuned up, this will help with fuel efficiency and will help maintain the value of the moto. If your choke is damaged get it replaced immediately and keep it clean, check the spark plugs, they should be changed as outlined in your user manual, if you detect a problem though you should change them immediately.  



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